After a week of the teeth (eggs) being in the liquids, we finally took them out to see if anything had happened to them. The children smelt them, looked at them and felt them if they were brave enough! They then filled in the chart to show their results. Yuk!

eggs after 1 week in liquid (1)eggs after 1 week in liquid (2)

Fronted adverbial phrases and conjunctions

Writing diaries, using Traction man. Below are some examples

As quick as possible, I scampered up the sink IMG_8320ready to dive in. When I reached the top, I put on my sub aqua suit

(it was a bit tight) I stood on the side of the sink, and dived neatly into the murky waters of the vast sink.

As I swam on, I saw the outline of the sieve. Without danger in my mind, I reached for the sieve.

All of a sudden, the evil Clothupus had me embedded in his powerful grip ready to kill me…

By Daniel R

Soon I reached the bottom and found the sieveIMG_8321 trapped between two pans. As I started to pull him free a dark shadow came behind me it was the evil clothopus. I panicked, I was scared, I didn’t want to let my new owner down.


Swiftly, the legendary beast, the evil clothupus IMG_8322of the sink was using its spongy cloak to suck me in! Suddenly, a squeaky voice squealed, ‘get away from him you big blob of blobbyness.’ Turning around I realised it was…Scrubber!!! He quickly grabbed my hand in his jaw and pulled me to shore (Scrubber is a scrubbing brush…)

Arthur 27.9.17

Angrily, I wished I hadn’t signed up because those waters are murkier then I thought. Diving deeper I thought I heard something but I couldn’t of, could I? Coming up I could see the lost wreck of the sieve but I was running out of air! It turned out that I did hear something because that something was chasing me! Can you believe it? An evil clothapus was chasing me! If it wasn’t for the brave little scrubbing brush I’d be dead. When I was in the clutches of the evil clothapus, scrubber (that’s what I named him) grabbed my suit and pulled me free.



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