Have a go at creating your own Christmas poem using the six verses – Simile, Instruction, Question, Wish, Lie and Personification. Here is one to remind you. Have fun!!

Six ways of looking at the Moon…
Moon you are like a clown’s face at a birthday party, always cheering me up and making life fun,
Wake up moon! Don’t fall asleep because we need your night light,
Moon, how can you be so brave, guarding our planet night after night alone and cold with the stars wrapped in your blanket?
I know your only wish, moon, is to have a brother that you could share your secrets with on dark nights when the sun turns its back on you,
Moon you can heal the world with your soft light,
Keep laughing moon and wink at me at night… keep me cheerful and alive.

Post your poems as a comment below.

Cracker, you sound like a firework going BANG,

Cracker, don’t stop having toys inside you,

Cracker, how are you so colourful?

I know your only wish cracker is that all your friends get pulled at the same time as you,

Cracker, you are so quiet and dull,

Cracker,  don’t stop laughing when children jump when they hear your loud BANG.        Molly Smith


Bauble you are like a rosy red apple dangling from a tree,

Bauble keep smiling you make our Christmas tree shine.

How do you feel bauble dangling on the tree waiting for Santa?

I know your only wish, Bauble, is to have eyes so you could see our Christmas tree

Bauble, can read peoples minds and make them feel safe.

Open up your eyes bauble, what can you see?

Charlie Williams

Star you twinkle like a diamond catching light,

Don’t hide away, because we need your dazzling trail to guide us to baby Jesus,

How can you cope in the pitch black sky, waiting for the wise men to arrive?

I know your only wish, star, is to be the moon and greet people as they pass by,

Star, you can heal broken souls that can no longer live,

The star,  ontop of the christmas tree, winked at me with it’s silvery eye twinkling.

By Jasmine Khan

Present, your wrapping is as colourful as the brightest rainbow in the sky,

Keep quiet present and protect and hide the gift you hold inside,

Present, Is it hard to keep secrets as well as you do?

I know your only wish present, is to make dreams come true!

Present, you are so strong and powerful,

Keep begging for your opening present, when you can smile and greet your receiver!

By Connor McGahey

Six ways to look at a Christmas tree…

Christmas tree you are like the fresh, green grass on my lawn,
Stand tall Christmas tree and guard our treasured gifts,
Christmas tree, do you feel alone at night, standing in the dark, while we sleep silently in our comfy, bouncy beds?
I know your only wish, Christmas tree, is to stay a while longer and bring radiance to our lives after December has disappeared,
Christmas tree, you light up the universe with your glistening lights,
Keep standing tall, Christmas tree, fill us with Christmas cheer!

Jacob Crinigan

Bauble, you are like a gold dress, always elegant and always making me cheerful,

Keep shining bauble! don’t go away after Christmas because we need your sparkle to make us happy,

Bauble, if you could speak, what would you say to the other decorations on the tree?

I know your only wish bauble, is to bring the joy of Christmas to the whole world,

Bauble, you make the whole world shimmer with your power.

Keep glittering bauble and look down on me each night…Keep me safe!

By James Brummitt-Brown

Santa your like a big red nose on a reindeer flying high giving presents to the kids.

Keep delivering present Santa to the kids or they will complain to you and the elves will complain to.

Santa how busy are you up in the north pole with all your little elves making a ton of presents?

Santa I know your only wish is to have presents for your self but you might do any way but.

Santa you can tell the future to if people are naughty or not.

Santa your like a tea pots belly poring out tea.


Cracker poem

Cracker, you’re like a firework lighting up our lives on bonfire night.
Cracker, come out! Don’t hide in one box full of surprises until Christmas day.
Cracker, how do you stay in a box all year round don’t you want to join the fun?
Cracker, I know your only wish is to give someone a better present.
Cracker, you have more than just one gift.
Cracker, you pop playfully as the person opens you.
Cracker, Cracker, Cracker!
Who knows your wonderful surprise?

By Zara Hanif-Hussain

snowflake you are like a leave falling from the sky,

snowflake come down from the clouds every Christmas!

snowflake why don’t you fly down to earth every day?

I know your only wish snowflake is to never melt away when the sun comes out,

snowflake you can never melt away,

snowflake you dance around the world every day

by Ryan