WOW! Our assembly on Wednesday was amazing

Did you like our assembly? I know that the parents loved it because they laughed and the school loved it and we enjoyed acting. Last but not least always brush your teeth and try not drink or eat any food or drinks like that might contain sugar but if you do try to brush your teeth straight afterward but if you can’t and your at school wait until it’s home time and when you get home brush your teeth straight away and before you go to bed.

by Maria
4.9 Teeth assembly (5)

Did you like our assembly ??

Did you know our assembly was about teeth and here are some facts about how to keep your teeth healthy

1 Always brush your teeth two times a day ,morning and night.

2 Do not drinking lots of fizzy drinks like coke and do not eat lots of sweets like gummy bears.

3 Make sure you eat fruit and vegetables and stay fit.
By Sophie


Hi the egg experience was not what I was expecting especially for the milk one and also I can not believe the vinegar one bounced.In addition to this the milk one smelled the worst.
By Sophie

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